Software I Worked on at

I'm not allowed to talk about the majority of the tools that I built and worked on at IMN, but I'll talk about things that are public.

The "Get URLs from Search Results Plugin Tool" located here is a Greasemonkey script I created a long time back. I also created the page for it, including the directions and screenshot.

The "On Page Optimizer" tool here is something that I did maintenance and upgrades on.

I also wrote lots of scripts involving scraping, dynamic text replacement, dynamically adding hyperlinks to text, in both PHP and Perl. In the earlier half of my employment there I worked in Perl maintaining and upgrading and adding features to the system used by all of the SEO specialists. I transitioned to more PHP/MySQL/Javascript tools later on, including creating tools that interface with the Facebook API, Twitter API, Google+ API, and LinkedIn Exported Contacts CSV files.

In the video below (at the 13:12 mark), you can see founder and CEO discussing another tool that I built. While he never created a video highlighting its use, its very similar to the tool he shows in the video, except, as he says, it takes in lists of links from third party backlink sources, and compares those lists to the list of backlinks provided in Google Webmaster Tools. Lots of processing to determine mutual exclusion/inclusion between the lists, and AJAX and jQuery (and checkboxes and dropdowns) on the frontend to generate lists of links to be exported.